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Supervisor Development

Supervisor Fundamentals

Supervisor Fundamentals is a two-day overview of supervising at the University of Richmond. Supervisor Fundamentals is required for all newly promoted and newly hired supervisors at UR. The curriculum learning objectives include:

  • Learn what it means to be a Supervisor at UR
  • Learn the difference between management and leadership and the role you play in both
  • Learn the impact of values on how you lead and work with others
  • Understand the UR Budgeting, Purchasing, Hiring and Performance Management process
  • Understand the relevant employment laws and policies for day to day management

Supervisor Essentials Series

Supervisor Essentials Series (SES) continues where Supervisor Fundamentals leaves off. In Supervisor essentials you will develop the skills and abilities to be a "SUPER-visor" and create a high-performing team. SES is designed as a cohort process for five and a half days over the course of six months. After completing SES, participants will earn a Certificate in Supervising at UR. The curriculum learning objectives include:

  • Practicing skills needed to effectively manage the performance management cycle
  • Understanding how to hire for success and understand issues of equality and discrimination
  • Develop effective coaching skills
  • Creating a diverse, inclusive work environment
  • Learning about recognition, appreciation, and what drives intrinsic motivation
  • Understanding how to approach conflict, problem solving, and difficult conversations
  • Managing organization change