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In our final weekly Remote Resources email I mentioned that I was in the process of moving. Several of you reached out to wish me luck, which I truly appreciate, and I am happy to report that it went as well as could be expected. But our current living situation is only temporary as my wife and I build a new home, so we are simultaneously trying to feel settled while knowing that we are just going to have to move again in a matter of months.

I bring all of this up because it seems strikingly similar to what we are experiencing as a Spider Community. We are about to welcome students back to our Web and many of us are preparing to return to campus. There has been a tremendous amount of planning and work done to get us this far and we are all eager for things to feel settled and familiar. Yet I anticipate that the return to campus will not feel entirely settled or familiar, much like my current living situation. This is not a bad thing as I see it; but rather a natural part of change and personal growth.

As we navigate this process of change and growth, individually and collectively, it is important to take steps to help ourselves and those around us. Talk about what you are experiencing, ask for help when you need it, provide help when you can, be patient with yourself and others, and accept that you can hold conflicting thoughts and feelings at the same time.

Take care of yourselves, and each other,

Theran Fisher
Director, Talent and Organizational Effectiveness


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