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Suggestions for Supervisors

  • Set a positive example by actively developing your own career.
  • Take a look at your employees' resumes. Is there an experience that would enhance their competency that you can initiate or offer?
  • Have a conversation with your employees about their career goals.
  • Ask your team members if there are skills they would like to practice or new interests they want to explore. Brainstorm ways they can have such experiences through their current positions.
  • Have your employees complete informal personal assessments and discuss their analyses with them.
  • Provide employees with constructive feedback about their work. What are their strengths? What are areas in need of further development?
  • Give your employees a variety of projects and assignments to challenge their thinking.
  • Encourage your team to collaborate so that everyone is exposed to different people and different aspects of the work.
  • Is there a way your team can interact with another team or department in either a professional or social context? See if you can initiate connections.
  • Are you aware of any courses, workshops, or conventions that might be of interest to your employees? Enable them to pursue these opportunities.