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Career Management

Career management is the process of setting professional goals and actively planning to achieve them. A common misconception is that career management is only for people seeking a major professional change. While career management can help people discover new interests that prompt them to pursue work in a different industry or company, it can also benefit individuals who want to advance their career at their current workplace or simply develop their personal skills and brand. Essentially, career management is for people of every age, at any level, who do all types of work.

This series of handouts provides background information, tips, checklists, articles, and videos about four major parts of career management: interest searching, networking, resume making, and interviewing. The handouts are designed to engage both employees and supervisors because the best professional development is the result of mutual collaboration.

Career management can help employees: discover new interests, find fitting careers, expand their networks, develop new skills, perform at higher levels, and attain a greater sense of job satisfaction.

Career management can help supervisors: support their people, serve as mentors, retain talent, build team trust, increase motivation, and create a lasting legacy.

Ultimately, both employees and supervisors have everything to gain through career management.

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Why does UR Support Career Management?

Professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers asked 19,000 people why they left their jobs. Limited career opportunities was among the most common explanations. Evidently, contemporary employees expect options for career growth and development.