Inclement Weather and Emergencies Policy

This policy describes the different situations under which the regular operating schedule may be modified due to inclement weather and the responsibility of the employee in those situations.


  • Essential Personnel:  Employees who, due to the nature of the services they provide, are expected to report to work during inclement weather and other situations in which the normal schedule is suspended. Such departments or essential employees are designated in advance by the relevant Executive Vice President, Vice President or Academic Dean.
  • Non-Essential Personnel:  Employees who are not expected to report to work during a closing, cancellation or delayed opening.
  • Continuity Personnel:  Personnel identified by their department’s director, dean, or chair who are recorded in their department’s, division’s, or unit’s Continuity of Operations (COOP) Plan as being required to perform critical functions during activation of the COOP plan.
  • Emergency Personnel:  Personnel whose job duties affect the security, safety, or physical operation of the University, and are part of the Incident Management Team or Executive Policy Group or required to work in the Emergency Operations Center or Community Assistance Center, even when normal campus operations have been suspended.
  • Delay:  All classes, events, and activities will be cancelled during the time preceding the announced time for delayed opening. Residential facilities will remain open.
  • Cancellation:  Classes, events, and activities will not be held after the announced cancellation time. In extraordinary circumstances, certain events may be held when all other campus activities are cancelled. Notice of those events will be provided to the affected employees and participants. Faculty members have the discretion to complete classes that are in session at the time of a cancellation. Residential facilities will remain open.
  • Closing:  This occurs when extreme conditions require the closing of residential facilities. No classes, events or activities will be scheduled during a closing.


As a residential institution, the University is committed to a year-round operating schedule. It is the intent of the University to remain open and adhere to full operations, including normal class schedules, whenever possible. Commuting students, faculty, and staff should always exercise their best judgment with regard to road conditions and other safety concerns.
If weather conditions or other emergencies make it impossible to maintain an ordinary level of academic activity and business functions, the University may alter the daily schedule. This is expected to be infrequent, and consideration will always be given to maintaining appropriate service levels in departments that provide essential services to the University community.
Supervisors of employees providing essential services should clearly communicate the work attendance requirements during severe weather or other emergency conditions, regardless of media announcements of University closings, cancellations or delays.

Communication of University Status Changes:  

If possible, official announcements of delayed openings or cancellations due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions, will be communicated by 6:00 a.m. or earlier via the communications channels below.
Weather-related closings, cancellations, and delays for the University of Richmond are broadcast by local radio and television stations, including public radio station WCVE (88.9). Faculty, staff and students will receive closing, delay, or cancellation information through their University email. This information will also be posted at and can be found by calling the Emergency Hotline at 804.289.8760. Updates and status changes will be communicated by the same channels.

View the Inclement Weather and Emergencies Policy.