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Lump Sum Payments for Project or Supplemental Work 


For Fiscal Year 2021, use this form: Staff Additional Comp Form


 In most cases, this would apply to supplemental work performed in an employee's department.

Lump sum payments are appropriate for work performed that is distinctly different and unrelated to the employee’s primary position that occurs within a short period of time

Requests for lump sum payments should be submitted to HR Compensation and, if approved, will be processed and added to regularly scheduled pay checks.

For an ongoing situation, a department/supervisor should consider longer term options, such as requesting to incorporate the additional duties into the employee's primary position responsibilities and requesting a classification review to ensure the position is appropriately classified. Such a request should be submitted to the HR Business Partner via a revised position description and written explanation of the change in position duties.

If it is determined that a non-exempt employee is eligible to receive a lump sum, they must also be compensated for any work over 40 hours in a work week. This must be at a rate of at least one and one-half their base rate and as part of regular payroll regardless of the nature or exemption status of the work performed.

The lump sum payment will not be used in calculating retirement, health or wellness benefits. The additional payment will not to be added to the employee’s base pay. Appropriate federal and state income taxes will be withheld from the lump sum payment. An employee must be in an active status in order to receive a lump sum payment.