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New Employee Checklist

Welcome! We are thrilled to have you as part of the University of Richmond community. Let this checklist serve as a guide to help you get off to a great start at the University of Richmond.

First Day

  • Turn in completed paperwork to Human Resources (HR) in Weinstein Hall
    • I-9 Form
    • Drug Policy Form
    • Web Policy Form
    • Direct Deposit Form
    • VA-4 Tax Form
    • W-4 Tax Form
    • Signed offer letter
  • Attend New Employee Onboarding from 8:00a.m.-4:00p.m. in Weinstein Hall, HR Offices
  • Plan to meet your supervisor or teammate in your department after Onboarding
  • Activate your Network Account and register for a parking pass and/or a GRTC bus pass (if you've applied online before Day 1, pick up your parking permit in your department mailbox).
  • Obtain keys or other form of access that you need to enter your work area
  • Tour your department or work area

First Week

  • Discuss role expectations and review your job description with your supervisor/department chairperson
  • Set up e-mail, voicemail, and computer (if applicable)
  • Review benefits information provided in Onboarding - return completed forms to HR as soon as possible
  • Review employment policies and guidelines
  • Faculty members review the Faculty Handbook
  • Learn how to report time worked and/or leave time
  • Register for Onboarding Part 2 in UR Talent Web
  • Schedule time to meet with teammates/colleagues and key contacts
  • Obtain an ID card at One-Card Services next to the Post Office in the Heilman Dining Center building
  • Get connected: download the UR App, read daily SpiderBytes, read The Collegian

First Month

  • Turn in Benefit forms to HR within 31 days of start date
  • Go on a student-led campus tour
  • Register for required Title IX and FERPA compliance training in UR Talent Web
  • Review department goals and priorities
  • Clarify performance objectives and expectations with your supervisor or department chair
  • Submit performance goals in UR Talent Web (Staff)
  • Attend or participate in department orientation (where applicable)

After the first three months, you should know:

About Your Job and the University
  • How the University and your department is organized
  • The University’s and your department’s goals and mission
  • The specific functions of your team
  • Your duties and responsibilities and the performance standards for your position
  • Your specific work week and scheduled work hours
  • How performance planning and evaluation is managed, by whom, and how often
  • Your supervisor’s/ department chair’s expectations regarding attendance and tardiness
  • The procedure for requesting time off and absences
  • When staff meetings are held
  • How you will be trained and by whom (if applicable)
About Your Work Environment
  • Your colleagues and their job functions
  • Your assigned work area
  • The dress code for your area
  • The proper operation and care of computers, office or department equipment
  • How to use the phone systems and email
  • Where the restrooms, fire exits, shelters, and break areas are located
  • How to obtain/order office supplies or other resources needed for your job
  • The communication channels used at the University and within your department (Spiderbytes, UR App, The Collegian, Department newsletters…)
About Your Pay and Benefits
  • Your rate of pay, the UR paydays and pay schedule
  • If overtime is ever required and how it is managed
  • The time recording procedure for your area (BannerWeb or TimePro)
  • Travel and reimbursement procedures
  • How to sign up for direct deposit
  • Your accrual rate for sick and vacation days
  • When you are eligible to use sick and vacation days
  • The University’s holiday schedule and leave policies
  • How jury duty, bereavement, and military paid leaves are administered
  • Health care, dental, vision, insurance, and retirement options
  • Education, legal, child/elder care, and wellness benefits
About your Rights and Responsibilities
  • What training courses are required
  • How to access information about University policies and procedures
  • The resources available to you and your family
  • Rules for use of University resources
  • The appropriate use of confidential information
  • The University’s policies on equal opportunity, sexual harassment and misconduct, drugs or firearms on campus, email use, and other safety and security policies
  • What to do if you are injured or suffer a work related illness on the job
  • Campus resources available to you
  • The University’s progressive discipline policy