Medical Reimbursement Account

The University's Medical Reimbursement Account, administered by Flores, is available for qualifying medical, dental, and vision expenses incurred by you and your eligible dependents (cannot participate in this account if enrolled in the High Deductible Health Plan). You may also choose to participate in a Dependent Care FSA.

The money you save in a FSA can be used to pay for qualified benefits pre tax, rather than with after tax dollars. Therefore, you will pay less in taxes and have more spendable income for health care related costs.

  • Annual max for 2020: $2,750
  • May roll over $550 unused funds for 2020 to following calendar year
  • Enroll for calendar year - changes may only be made with status change
  • Must re-enroll each calendar year

Participants in the medical FSA will receive a debit card, a convenient way to pay for medical expenses.