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ALEX, Your Personal Enrollment Guide

Meet ALEX! ALEX® is an online tool that will help you select the best benefit plan for you and your family. When you talk to ALEX he’ll ask you a few questions about your health care needs, crunch some numbers, and point out what makes the most sense for you. And anything you tell ALEX remains anonymous.  

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How does ALEX know what plan is best for me?

ALEX helps you estimate your annual health care costs. Then he’ll recommend a plan for your needs. 

How should I prepare?

Most users spend about 7 minutes with ALEX, but it really just depends how much guidance you’d like. You don’t need to do much of anything. ALEX will ask you to estimate what type of medical care you might need this year (doctors visits, surgeries, ER visits, prescriptions, etc.), so you may want to tally those up and talk to your family about their needs, but ALEX can also help you come up with some estimates. Alex will also assist you with informationabout all of your other benefits, including amounts you may want to contribute to your Health Savings Account (HSA). And ALEX can save your place if you choose so you can come back later and change your answers.

Can I use ALEX on my phone?

Oh yeah. ALEX is optimized for any device you’ve got.

Can I trust ALEX with my secrets?

Yes! Your ALEX experience is totally private. He doesn’t maintain personal info or submit it back to your employer (or anyone else), so it’s completely anonymous.

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