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Change in Number of Children

If you have a change in number of children, please follow the steps below within 31 days of the event:

Adding a Child to Coverage

Before Child Arrives

Step 1: Contact URHR to determine Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) eligibility. While 30 days' notice is required, prior notice is recommended.

Step 2: If approved for FMLA, you will be given an FMLA form. After the form is submitted, HR will send a notice of request to you and your supervisor.

Step 3: If you are a full-time employee, please review the Parental Leave Policy.

Step 4: Expectant mothers should pre-file a short-term disability claim with Cigna by calling 1-800-362-4462. The call will take about 15 minutes to complete, and you will need contact information for your physician. They will give you a claim number and contact to follow up with final information about date of birth and first day of leave. The claim will not be approved until that time; pre-filing just gets information in their system in advance. For more information on initiating your Cigna claim, please see the Short-term Disability Policy.

After Child Has Arrived

Step 5: To add your child as a dependent in Banner Web:

  • Go to Banner Web
  • After logging in, click Employee, then Benefits and Deductions
  • If your child is not already in Banner Web, click Add a New Person, fill out the form, and click Submit

If adding your child to University benefits, please do the following within 31 days after birth, adoption, or placement:

Step 6: Complete Benefit Enrollment/Change Form.

Step 7: Provide proof of the following (copies will suffice):

  • Birth letter or certificate
  • Legal adoptive paperwork

Step 8: Submit the above paperwork to URHR via e-mail, by coming to the office, or through inter-office mail. HR will assign your dependent an ID number. It will be housed in Banner Web should you need it in the future for Tuition Remission, Weinstein Center access, etc.

Step 9: Contact Cigna to confirm or update leave dates.

Step 10: Eight weeks will be added to your Parental Leave balance in Banner Web when you go out on leave. Your supervisor and Human Resources will take care of entering your leave time while you are away. Please note that your parental leave balance will not be added in Banner Web until Cigna approves you for parental leave.

Step 11: To change life insurance beneficiaries, log into Banner Web and follow the steps below:

  • After logging in, click Employee, then Benefits and Deductions
  • Click Beneficiaries and Dependents, then click on the name of your child
  • In the Beneficiary or Dependent dropdown menu, select the appropriate option
  • Click Submit

Step 12: Call TIAA directly at 800-842-2252 or log into your account to change your beneficiaries for retirement.

Returning to Work

Step 13: Human Resources will work with you regarding documentation needed to return to work.

Step 14: For information regarding the University's lactation support program, review the Lactation Support Policy.

Removing a Child from Coverage

Step 1: Contact URHR by calling 804-289-8747.

If removing a child from University benefits, please do the following:

Step 2: Complete Benefit Enrollment/Change Form and submit to URHR via e-mail, by coming to the office, or through inter-office mail.

Step 3: If covered under voluntary life insurance, Human Resources will need to supply Cigna with proof for removing from coverage.

Step 4: To make your child inactive in Banner Web:

  • Go to Banner Web
  • After logging in, click Employee, then Benefits and Deductions
  • Click on the name of the person you'd like to make inactive
  • Under Active, select Inactive from the dropdown menu

Questions About Benefits?

Contact Human Resources at (804) 289-URHR (8747) or email