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Personal Leave Policy

This policy applies to the University of Richmond and all of its Affiliates. As used in this policy, the term “Affiliates” means organizations or entities in which the University owns a controlling interest or has the right to elect the majority of the entity’s governing board.

The University provides one personal day per year* to be taken any time during the calendar year, with prior supervisory approval. Employees may utilize their personal day during holidays not officially observed by the University.

*A day is based on a 5-day work week.  For example, if a staff member’s scheduled hours per week are 20, one day would equate to 4 hours, independent of the number of days they work in the week.

If a staff member indicates on their leave report/time sheet that they are taking personal leave and they do not have a personal leave balance or enough of a balance, time will be deducted from their vacation leave balance for the difference. 


Regular Staff members must be employed by the first work day of the calendar year in order to be eligible for personal leave for that calendar year. Employees regularly scheduled to work over 1,000  but less than 1,511 hours per year are eligible for personal leave based on a pro-rated basis.

If an employee's personal day is not used by the end of the calendar year, then it will be forfeited. Unused personal leave will not be paid out upon termination.

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