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Working on Holidays

Due to the nature of the work at a residential university, an employee may need to observe paid holiday(s) at times different from the official recognized University holiday schedule. If a University-observed holiday falls on a day when students are on campus or when the University has work of an essential nature, employees may be asked to work during a scheduled holiday. Department supervisors will decide if that department must provide services on holidays. In such instances, supervisors of nonexempt employees will either provide equivalent compensatory time off (observe the holiday at another time) within the same pay period that the holiday falls or the employee will receive holiday pay in addition to regular pay. For more information, see the Holiday Policy.

When an employee takes a holiday and is then required by his or her supervisor to work beyond a normal eight (8) hour work day during that same workweek, or is required to work on his or her scheduled day(s) off during that same workweek, the time taken as holiday hours will, in these cases only, be counted as time actually worked for the purposes of computing overtime eligibility.

The University will make reasonable accommodations to employees who wish to observe religious holidays that do not fall on one of the traditional holidays by allowing employees to take a day off. Personal leave is designed to allow employees some flexibility to take time off at their discretion (with supervisory approval) for such instances.

Personal leave is excluded from overtime calculations. In addition, if an employee's personal day is not used by the end of the calendar year, then it will be forfeited.

Winter break is designed to allow employees a set break time to relax with family and friends during a time when no work will be created or generated due to the University being, essentially, closed. It is expected that staffing will be kept at a minimum.


Unused holiday or personal leave will not be paid out upon termination.

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