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Outstanding Service Award Winners

James CampbellOutstanding Service Award in Sustainability
James Campbell
Custodial Supervisor, University Facilities

"James has been with us for a few years now. Since day one, he has displayed a positive and energetic approach to accomplishing our mission of sustainability. His commitment to our sustainability goals provides an example to us all.

James has stayed long days to weigh waste from recycling events and partnered with community business like the Sierra Club and Goodwill to provide additional resources for diverting waste. His work with student move-out and the Big Yard Sale has diverted tons of material from the landfill. James was instrumental in establishing the Rethink Waste rooms in the residential buildings and delivering resources like the new bins to other areas on campus. Not only does he continue to look for ways to improve these existing programs, but James and his team are innovative and continue working on new initiatives, like the plastic bag recycling program.

I am sure I am leaving some things out (like his partnership to ensure thousands of books from the library are donated), but maybe his efforts are best summed up from a statement found in one of his nominations: 'Not only have I witnessed him being proactive in the kinds of products and agents used in keeping our facilities clean and how waste is disposed, but he is a genuine ambassador for the mission of our University.'
James clearly cares about the campus and those within."

- Scott Lincoln, Manager, Custodial and Environmental Services

Loida DomasigOutstanding Service Award in Dining Services
Loida Domasig
Cashier, ETC

"Loida is incredibly reliable. It is truly remarkable. She has a huge family to care for and she has to take care of herself occasionally, but she almost never misses a shift. She always schedules her appointments around work if possible and if she needs to take a night off, she takes care of all the legwork.

In short, Loida is incredible at her job. I can scarcely image someone with such a comprehensive knowledge of this industry and natural leadership ability in her position. However, Loida is also a wonderful person. Loida comes to work when a lot of us are already on their way home. She sees a different side of the campus that most of us don’t experience on a regular basis. She sees the weary employees and contractors that have been working around the clock to meet a deadline. She sees the student that has been up for thirty hours finishing a term paper. At the very least she’ll give them a smile and make sure they’re alright, and the campus is a better place because of her just being there.

She’s helped Dining Center employees by sparing bus fare or calling them an Uber so they can make it home.
Every year she hosts an international student for the holidays. Someone always invites her to their graduation. She’s very popular with our students. If someone comes up short on their bill, she’ll reach in her purse and make sure that person gets whatever they need to make it through. She just says, 'Pay me back next time you see me.' No one asks her to do these things. No one expects her to do them.

You see, Loida’s efforts extend far beyond the walls of ETC, and the University is a better place with her in it."

- Eliot Cleveland, Multi-Unit Manager, ETC - Dean’s Den & Concessions

Julie NevilleOutstanding Service Award in Administrative Support

Julie Neville
User Services Systems Admin, User Services

"Julie is one of the most well-known, well-respected, and well-liked employees at the University of Richmond. Many of you know Julie through your interaction with her over the phone at the Computer Help Desk. Julie is an excellent technician and is very quick to diagnose and resolve technical problems. It is her ability to provide a truly outstanding level of customer service to each and every community member that she interfaces with that sets her apart and warrants such special recognition.

In 2019, Julie took on a new and very important role at the Help Desk. Julie was promoted to the Help Desk Systems Administrator. She has been instrumental in the adoption of the IT Service Management platform in Information Services that we call SpiderTechNet. This initiative has required significant effort from multiple teams across the division to plan, collaborate, design, configure, integrate, and ultimately, adopt new methods of working collectively using a single division-wide process and workflow. Julie has been a key contributor to this important initiative, particularly during the planning for, and ultimately the implementation of, the incident/service/asset/change management portion of the project. Additionally, Julie has been a team leader in the design and creation of the service catalog, which was launched in 2019. With all this fancy behind-the-scenes work she has been doing, she still jumps in on a daily bases to answer your calls, respond to your emails and work with all of you, our customers." 

- Scott Tilghman, Director, User Services

Renee WalcottOutstanding Service Award in Service/Maintenance
Officer Renee Walcott
Patrol Officer, URPD

"Renee joined the University in July of 2013 and brought with her a toolbox full of experiences while working with the Rocky Mount NC Police Department. She fills a key roll as a midnight shift patrol officer.

Night shift officers are required to use their skills to de-escalate situations and make quick decisions related to student behavior and always subject to armchair quarterbacking. Done right, it creates a positive experience for the people involved, the Police Dept and the University.

A colleague of Renee wrote, 'I have witnessed her respond to an international student who was in crisis. The student was overwhelmed with the stresses of adapting to a new college experience, a new country, family expectations all of which impacted negatively on our student.

Officer Walcott was able to build a connection with our student and convince this individual that its in their best interest to voluntary check in with mental health professionals. She could have stopped right there but rather, she took the time to stay connected and to this day, they continue to have positive conversations.'

This pattern of behavior demonstrated by Renee makes a difference to our students which translates to a successful University. She is always willing to support those around her, and her actions reflect our responsibilities to our campus community."

- Chief Dave McCoy, AVP of Public Safety and Chief of Police, Campus Safety

Melody WilsonOutstanding Service Award in Clerical Support
Melody Wilson
Assistant to VP, Information Service

"Melody, I see you. I see you, when you were unanimously selected by her USAC council peers to serve as Chair. I see you, as USAC Chair, work tirelessly to strengthen relationships across campus. I see you, when you met with every council member BEFORE accepting the nomination for USAC Chair because you first sought to understand what was important to them.

I see you, when you shared your experience on a panel discussion coordinated by HR after you attended a national administrative professionals conference. I see you, when your passion and commitment for diversity, equity, and inclusion helped launch Intersections and ensure its continued success for almost three years. I see you when you handle the logistics and capture the detailed notes for our IT Governance Steering Committee meetings and most recently doing the same for the Burial Ground Memorialization Committee which includes multiple internal and external community meetings.

I see you when you use your strong moral compass, your true north in your interactions with others. I see you when you use your impeccable organization and management skills in support of me and the Information Services team. I see you when you commit to the details as well as understanding the big picture.

Although your focus and role is often behind the scenes, WE all see you when you pour yourself into in the service and support of others."

- Keith W. "Mac" McIntosh, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Services