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2019 Service Award Honorees

The 2019 Outstanding Service Award recipients are:

  • Sustainability: Kirstin Berben, Laboratories Manager, Biology Department
  • Dining Services Staff Employee of the Year: Matt Brock, Cafe/Stores Associate - Passport Cafe
  • Service/Maintenance Support Staff: Chris Harrison, HVAC Mechanic II, University Facilities/HVAC
  • Clerical Support Staff: Kathy Rothert, Administrative Coordinator, Math & Computer Sciences
  • Administrative Staff: Susan Taylor, Director of Budgets and Operation, Jepson School of Leadership
40 Years
Name School/Department
Deborah Balducci Tyler's Grill
Michael Bowles Univ. Facilities/HVAC
Diane Hardy Campus Services
Patricia Higgason Tyler's Grill
Michael Pruden Dining Services Administration
Cynthia Stearns Dining Services Administration
Henry Stearns Heilman Dining Center
35 Years
Name School/Department
Richard McDonald Univ. Facilities/Electrical
Karen Pierce Retiree
30 Years
Name School/Department
Kevin Creamer Information Services Administration
Mazie Ellerbe Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Jesse Forbes Univ. Facilities/Boiler Plant
Steven Hargrove Campus Safety
Sherman Johnson Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Robert Plymale Dean, Arts & Sciences
Thomas Roberts Recreation and Wellness
Dianne St. John Onecard Office
James Taylor Heilman Dining Center
Bracela Wright Heilman Dining Center
25 Years
Name School/Department
Patricia Fobbs Univ. Facilities/Custodial
John Jacobs Campus Safety
Sampson Jones Univ. Facilities/Carpentry
Russell Newcomb Univ. Facilities/Carpentry
Eric Smith Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Alene Waller Student Health Center
20 Years
Name School/Department
Kenneth Campbell Univ. Facilities/Landscape
Sandra Campos Career Services
Raymond Cargill Administrative Systems
Stephanie Charles User Services Specialists
Kimberly Edwards Law Library
Pamela Harper Campus Telecommunications
Robert Hayes User Services Specialists
Lucinda Hendrick Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Daniel Hocutt SPCS Administration
Alfred Johnson Campus Safety
Hubert Johnson Heilman Dining Center
Edward Jones Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Mary King Controller's Office
Sherry Minor Tyler's Grill
Donald Mitchell Univ. Facilities/Electrical
Steven Noles Counseling & Psychological Center
Christine Poindexter Heilman Dining Center
William Quig Univ. Facilities/Architectural
Michael Tilghman User Services Specialists
15 Years
Name School/Department
Robert Barnes Univ. Facilities/Landscape
Mark Beatty Univ. Facilities/Electrical
Patrick Benner Residence Life & UG Student Housing
Michael Dahlem Academics
Kerry Fankhauser Westhampton College Dean
Matthew Fuchs Catering
Phillip Gravely Communications Office
Herbert Jones Heilman Dining Center
Steven Lachowski Campus Safety
Jessica McKenna Registrar Office
Vincent Petrone Data Centers
Katherine Rothert Math & Computer Sciences
Cathy Smyth Tyler's Grill
Michael Torquato Univ. Facilities/Landscape
Maya Vincelli Passport Cafe
Dawntae Walker Tyler's Grill
10 Years
Name School/Department
Tammy Alexander SPCS Administration
Crystal Amado Controller's Office
Michele Bedsaul Dean, Jepson School
Suzanne Bird Human Resources
William Black Heilman Dining Center
Samuel Blount Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Rebecca Brooks Univ. Facilities/Architectural
Shelley Burns Dean, Business School
Tracy Cauthorn Dean, Law School
Elizabeth Chancy Career Services
Jasmonn Coleman Office of Major Gifts
Vahida Cosic Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Jennifer D''Arezzo Registrar Office
James Early Heilman Dining Center
Edward Edwards Heilman Dining Center
Sean Farrell Art Center
Bryan Figura Center for Civic Engagement
Debra Fisher MBA Programs
Gina Flanagan Provost Office
Fredrick Hagemeister Data Centers
Jeanne Hollister Journalism
Cynthia Holma Campus Safety
David Jordan Univ. Facilities/Carpentry
Jeannine Keefer Boatwright Memorial Library
David Kelly Tyler's Grill
Christopher Klein International Education
Miau Kuo Heilman Dining Center
Rhonda Lambert Office of Corp. & Found. Relations
Nicolas Lydick User Services Specialists
Vivian Marcoccio SPCS Administration
Philip Melita SPCS Administration
Claudia Mills SPCS Administration
Robert Nelson Digital Scholarship Lab
Jennifer O'Donnell Biology
Virginia Pearson Catering
Kimberly Powell Office of Instit. Effectiveness
Christina Quinones Etc
Dana Rabe Prospect Research
Lynn Robertson Events, Conf & Spprt Svcs Operatns
Shannon Sinclair President's Office
Adam Smith Sports Medicine
Dwayne Smith Registrar Office
Travis Smith Boatwright Memorial Library
Courtney Turnbull Richmond College Dean
Francheska Williams Controller's Office
Joyce Williams Heilman Dining Center
Carol Wittig Boatwright Memorial Library
5 Years
Name School/Department
Ryan Ballum Student Health Center
Matthew Belk Physics
Ashleigh Brock President's Office
Noel Brooking Events, Conf & Spprt Svcs Operatns
Joy Caporale Chancellor's Office-EBH
Nancy Cardounel Annual Giving
Patricia Coleman Univ. Facilities/Support Services
Erica DePompeo SPCS Administration
Hoa Diep Heilman Dining Center
Loida Domasig Etc
Dale Donahoo Heilman Dining Center
William Durham Univ. Facilities/Architectural
Tegan Evans Events, Conf & Spprt Svcs Operatns
George Flanagin Administrative Systems
David Hale Business Affairs Office
Shaun Hall Catering
Nathaniel Hansen-Hilliard Art and Art History
Steven Henderson Spider Management Company
Cynthia Johnson Dean, Arts & Sciences
David Johnson Univ. Facilities/Support Services
Robin Jones-Jackson Risk Management
Karl Jordan Univ. Facilities/Carpentry
Clarence Keith Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Amy Kemp SPCS Administration
Andrew Kerscher Heilman Dining Center
Karyn Kuhn Psychology
Andrew Lafoon Univ. Facilities/Carpentry
Austin Leach Univ. Facilities/Landscape
David Leonard Univ. Facilities/Custodial
CanYuan Li Heilman Dining Center
Mei Kiu Lo Law Library
Justin Madron Digital Scholarship Lab
Brandyce Martin Events, Conf & Spprt Svcs Operatns
Shannon Millisor Catering
Brian Monahan Campus Safety
Julie Neville User Services Specialists
Margaret Pevarski Center of Student Involvement
Paul Richards Lacrosse-Men
Roderick Richardson Univ. Facilities/HVAC
Charles Rogers Univ. Facilities/Architectural
Heather Sadowski Recreation and Wellness
Kathryn Sirc Athletic Administration
Linda Smalley Music
Jeffrey Smith Concessions
Kai Sommer Controller's Office
Victoria Sprehe Spider Management Company
Jennifer Stancil Office of Corp. & Found. Relations
Leslee Stone Law School - Instruction
David Straley Univ. Facilities/Boiler Plant
RuiYi Su Heilman Dining Center
Robin Taylor Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Linda Turner SPCS Administration
Renee Walcott Campus Safety
Stephen Walker Controller's Office
Corrina Waxman Instructional Specialists
Connor Wilson Advancement Data Services
Tracy Woodson Baseball
Joshua Wroniewicz Dining Services Administration
Carole Yeatts Law Career Development