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2018 Service Award Honorees

35 Years

Name School/Department
Joyce Manna Janto Law Library
Jermaine C. Massenburg Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Francine A. Reynolds Onecard Office
30 Years

Name School/Department
Tinina Q. Cade Multicultural Affairs
Virginia B. Griffith Administrative Systems
Melanie M. Hillner Boatwright Memorial Library
Iria C. Jones Boatwright Memorial Library
Robert Emmett Littlepage Data Centers
Lucretia McCulley Boatwright Memorial Library
Leigh Hay McDonald Boatwright Memorial Library
Jeffery W. Peters Univ. Facilities/Control Systems
Robin M. Scott Tyler's Grill
25 Years

Name School/Department
Holly J. Blake W I L L
Wesley W. Davis Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Bryan O. Gallagher Telecom & Media Support Services
Cynthia Gail Lloyd Human Resources
Cynthia B. McGuire Westhampton College Dean
Lioudmila Nazarouk Univ. Facilities/Custodial
20 Years

Name School/Department
Valerie K. Cemprola Treasury Services
Laura Sturcken Dietrick Human Resources
Richard C. Glass Events, Conf & Spprt Svcs Operatns
Rhonda Tingler Hall Dean, Business School
Kristine Marzolf Henderson President's Office
Tammra J. Hicks Controller's Office
Jean C. Hines Controller's Office
Chong Ok Hong Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Soon Joo Hong Campus Safety
Mary Jo Kling Risk Management
Bruce F. Lockhart Univ. Facilities/Landscape
Paul David Lozo Univ. Facilities/Support Services
Ricky Ray Neal Boatwright Memorial Library
Cheryl Elaine Richards Administrative Systems
Larry W. Richmond Univ. Facilities/Carpentry
Jeffrey W. Riley Campus Safety
Dearold L. Sherman Univ. Facilities/Boiler Plant
Mary Ann Stewart Physics
David C. Weaver Univ. Facilities/Boiler Plant
Edward Douglas West Campus Telecommunications
15 Years

Name School/Department
David R. Barth Administrative Systems
Eric John Beatty Campus Safety
Chantal Rwatambuga Bengu Univ. Facilities/Custodial
David Malcolm Bevan Heilman Dining Center
Carolyn Swann Bigler Residence Life & UG Student Housing
Stephen Damian Bisese VP, Student Affairs
David Troy Boroughs Information Services Administration
Vickie Louise Brady Academic Computing Services
Deardre Odamis Coleman Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Brenda L. Coleman Tyler's Grill
Vivian L. Crews Heilman Dining Center
Nancy Jones Crowgey Treasury Services
Linda Beard Fairtile Music Library
Lynea Renee Gibbons Controller's Office
Douglas Lane Goad Recreation and Wellness
Melvin Gray Data Centers
Tequita Lyons Hawkins Administrative Systems
Christopher H. Jones Sports Medicine
Jean-Claude Ise Kigeri Heilman Dining Center
Peter O. LeViness Counseling & Psychological Center
Kristina Maricic Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Derrick Lee McChristian Univ. Facilities/Boiler Plant
William Allen Morton Univ. Facilities/Carpentry
Nina F. Naruszewicz Prospect Research
Christopher M. Nichols Academic Computing Services
Kathryn Vanney Owens Financial Aid Office
Martha Pierce Pittaway President's Office
Elizabeth Bunn Prince Westhampton College Dean
William T. Rawluk Campus Parking
Kay R. Robertson SPCS Administration
Robyn S. Smith Heilman Dining Center
Andrea M. Stadler Controller's Office
Sasko Stefanovski Data Centers
LaRee Pearl Sugg Administration
Jennifer Samantha Tannich Communications Office
Brian A. Terrell Heilman Dining Center
Ray Thomas Wimbush Catering
10 Years

Name School/Department
Nathaniel Brown Ayers Digital Scholarship Lab
Randall Leonard Baran Campus Safety
Mary Beth Bennett Music
Shannon K. Best Dean, Jepson School
Joseph R. Boehman Richmond College Dean
Marie Elizabeth Boylan Academic Skills
Ann Lloyd Breeden President's Office
Jason A. Cope Network Services
Anna L. Creech Boatwright Memorial Library
Kimberly L. Dean-Anderson Center for Civic Engagement
Elbert Ray Dickens Univ. Facilities/Custodial
David Brendan Donaldson Events, Conf & Spprt Svcs Operatns
Kathryn O"Shea Edmonds Admissions Undergraduate
Sabiha Edrenic Bookstore Operations
Patricia J. Fanney Economics
Manuel Garcia Univ. Facilities/Landscape
Susan Slade Gormus Student Health Center
Carl Morgan Hamm Law Library
Zachary Kyle Henderson Catering
Courtney Genelle Hughes Academics
Karen E. Kourkoulis Passport Cafe
David Bramley Legg Football
Lisa Gradone Miles Office of Common Ground
Joyce Ann Morgan Controller's Office
Christine Anne Most Center for Civic Engagement
Thomas R. Nicholas Admissions Undergraduate
Sandra J. Peart Dean, Jepson School
Adrienne Marie Piazza Center for Civic Engagement
Mary Catherine Raymond SPCS Administration
Sandra Altagracia Roman Admissions Undergraduate
Hanan Nabil Sadek Controller's Office
Lori Schuyler Provost Office
Robert Anthony Smith Heilman Dining Center
Amy B. St. John Advancement Data Services
Maynard Robert Stuckey Telecom & Media Support Services
Emily W. Tarchokov English
Norma Moles Trimmer Catering
Darryl Edward Tyler Heilman Dining Center
Paul A. Witten Campus Safety
5 Years

Name School/Department
Frank Reynolds Allen Alumni and Career Services
Andrea Johnson Almoite Dean, Arts & Sciences
Joanna Louise Bachman Modlin Fine Arts Center Events
Adam Wayne Bartlett Univ. Facilities/HVAC
Ashley Ryan Blount Heilman Dining Center
Taene Britt Controller's Office
Vincent Andrew Burke Univ. Facilities/Architectural
Tequila Canty Campus Safety
Joshua Henry Carroll Heilman Dining Center
LaMont Ivory Cheatham Chemistry
Daniel J. Chemotti Lacrosse-Men
Kimberly Chiarchiaro Art Center
Kevin Thomas Corn QEP - Soph Scholars in Residence
Clifton D. Cosby, Jr. Campus Parking
Sharon Cosby Heilman Dining Center
Timothy Redd Cosby Passport Cafe
Kristen W. Day Counseling & Psychological Center
Mark Detterick Planning and Budget
Matthew John Dewald Communications Office
Sharon Patrice Dickerson-Reed UR Downtown Cafe
Kimberlee Margaret Duren ECRSB - International
Du''Neika Deloris Easley Internal Audit
Kourtney Marie Ennis Dean, Business School
William Ason Galaspie Administrative Systems
Darrel Levon Goode Jr. Heilman Dining Center
Herbert Floyd Heider Univ. Facilities/Landscape
Brandon Hopkins Heilman Dining Center
Janet Danielle Hutchinson Career Services
David Johnson Campus Safety
Jay William Jorgensen Law Admission General
Lynda P. Kachurek Boatwright Memorial Library
Michele Lee Kennedy-Price Heilman Dining Center
Hwa-Shim Lee Kennon Spider Management Company
Faisal Omar Khan User Services Specialists
Sherry Lynn Knapp Spider Management Company
Allison E. Kwolek Lacrosse-Women
Matthew Henry Lee UR Downtown Cafe
Carl Corvin Lingerfelt Music
Tammy G. Longest Sports Medicine
Deborah Wynne Lupp Executive Education Administration
Sarah McComas Office of Major Gifts
Alison Leigh McCormick Dining Services Administration
Samida Mesic Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Barbara Michelson Academic Advising Resource Ctr
Lindsey Slenger Monacell Admissions Undergraduate
Anthony Barrett Moore Univ. Facilities/Carpentry
Richard Clyde Moschler Jr. Campus Parking
Cheryl L. Moss Controller's Office
Nicholas M. Myers Campus Safety
Ashante Imani Pegeas UR Downtown Cafe
Jennifer Marie Phillips Sports Promotion
Stacy Warner Price Law Library
Larry Wayne Richmond Jr. Univ. Facilities/Landscape
Gloria Yvonne Robinson Heilman Dining Center
Kevin Lorenzo Saddler Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Brittany Taylor Schaal Emergency Planning
Michael Anthony Seminara-Scioscia Network Services
Cynthia L. Sharp Provost Office
Sandra Marie Smith Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Rachel Broughman Snyder Heilman Dining Center
Elizabeth Anne Spacht Admissions Undergraduate
Angelo David Talbert Heilman Dining Center
Patricia Vasquez Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Petar Vjestica UR Downtown Cafe
Charles Thomas Washington Univ. Facilities/HVAC
Lynne M. Watson Student Health Center
Kimberly Jane Wehunt Catering
Keith Lavelle Williams Sr. Univ. Facilities/Custodial
Joe Francois Wolff Catering
Anna Maria Young Academic Advising Resource Ctr