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Create a Performance Improvement Plan


Role of Supervisor

  • Understand department and university policies and procedures regarding conduct and communicate clear performance standards, training and direction for employee
  • Provide regular, constructive, objective and respectful feedback
  • Hold employees accountable for performance
  • Address performance issues earl
  • Document performance discrepancies and actions taken
  • Contact Human Resources

Role of Human Resources

  • Assistmanagers in assessing the situation
  • Ensure compliance with university policies
  • Coach managers in writing letters and having conversations with employees

Process Steps

Create a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) when you have identified a performance problem, when feedback and coaching have not been effective in improving performance, and you are looking for ways to improve the performance of an employee. The Performance Improvement Plan plays an integral role in correcting performance discrepancies. It is a tool to monitor and measure the deficient work products, processes, and/or behaviors of a particular employee in an effort to improve performance or modify behavior.

  1. Review applicable policy (i.e. leave, attendance, etc.)
  2. Gather and review relevant information
    • Past performance reviews
    • Prior disciplinary actions
    • Notes of previous conversations and disciplinary actions
  3. Develop the Performance Improvement Plan.
  4. Review the PIP with your HR Business Partner
  5. Deliver the PIP to the employee
  6. Follow the PIP timetable and follow up with the employee regularly


When should I address an issue?

As soon as possible after the incident.

How long will the disciplinary action be part of the employee's record?
The action remains part of an employee's file for the duration of their employment.
When I look at the history/performance record to determine the next step how far should I go back?
It depends on the issue. Usually no more than one year.
Who can see disciplinary action in employee record?
Human Resources employees and supervisors of the employee.
Should I consider disciplinary actions for conduct when I think about performance?
If the conduct has an impact on performance, yes.
What should I do if an employee refuses to sign the document?
 Make a note on the document that the employee refused to sign.
What should I do if the employee says that they do not agree?
Ask them to explain their perspective. If there is no change let the employee know your perspective stands.
What should I do if the employee says that they want to see someone else?
 Refer them to your HR Business Partner.