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Reclassify a Job


Role of Supervisor

  • Consults with department head about proposed changes to the position and discuss funding options
  • Reviews current position description and make revisions to reflect the change in responsibilities
  • Consults with the HR Business Partner about the changes to ensure the position description is complete and appropriate for review
  • Determines final salary increase based on HR’s recommendation and works with the department head and Office of Planning & Budget for funding
  • Informs Human Resources of final salary increase
  • Communicates changes to the employee and presents employee with letter regarding new title, grade, and salary

Role of Human Resources

  • HR Business Partner ensures the changes to the position are in alignment with the University, division, and department’s objectives and submits revised position description to Compensation Specialist
  • Compensation Specialist and/or HR Business Partner consults with the supervisor if additional information is needed to evaluate the position
  • Compensation Specialist evaluates the position and determines appropriate title, grade, and recommended salary increase and provides information to HR Business Partner
  • Compensation Specialist prepares PAF and letter


What is the process for reclassifying position?
The process when evaluating positions is to analyze the change in the position responsibilities and qualifications, compare the position to comparable positions within the division and across the University, and to utilize external market data if available. The decision regarding reclassifying a position is based on the results of these factors.
How is the recommended reclassification salary increase determined by HR?
Reclassification increase guidelines mirror the promotional guidelines and multiple factors are taken into consideration. See Human Resource's Employee Pay Decisions for more information.
What should I do it I don┬┐t agree with the determination made by HR for the position evaluation?
Contact your HR Business Partner and present your concerns for further review and discussions with Compensation.