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Approve Voting Leave


Role of Supervisor

  • Review Voting Leave policy  
  • Review web time entry & monthly leave Payroll policy – particularly the section on approving time/leave
  • Review departmental leave policies
  • Review with employee expectations for leave requests – how to request, documentation required, etc.
  • Ensure you are approving all monthly leave reports in a timely manner – this is extremely important and could have a detrimental effect on the employee if not approved on time

Role of Human Resources

  • Answer questions regarding voting leave 

Process Steps

  1. Ensure employees understand how to request leave
    • If documentation is required
  2. Ensure employee completes leave report/time sheet appropriately and in a timely manner
  3. Approve leave report/time sheet in appropriate time frame


May I deny a voting leave request?
You may if you feel the employee has adequate time before or after work to make it to their poll to vote.
May my temporary employee be paid for jury duty?
No, temporary employees do not receive paid leave time.
How should employees report time in Bannerweb?
Employees should report the two hours voting leave as regular time on their timesheet or leave report.