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Approve Vacation and Bonus Vacation


Role of Supervisor

  • Review Vacation policy
  • Review Bonus Vacation policy
  • Review web time entry & monthly leave Payroll policy above – particularly the section on approving time/leave
  • Review departmental vacation policies & practices
  • Review with employee expectations for leave requests – how to request, how much advance notice, etc.
  • Ensure employee understands all policies and knows how to enter time
  • To ensure employees have personal leave balance prior to approving leave the supervisor would have to go to the individual’s leave report or timesheet for WTE.
  • Ensure you are approving all monthly leave reports in a timely manner – this is extremely important and could have a detrimental effect on the employee if not approved timely. Unapproved leave reports could inflate the amount of leave an employee actually has, causing them to go into a deficit once old leave reports are finally approved.
    • Set up a reminder on outlook each month
    • Ask employee to email you once they have submitted their leave report

Role of Human Resources

  • Answer questions regarding vacation balances & policies
  • Convert sick leave to bonus vacation upon request – form online
    •  Any outstanding leave reports must be completed before an employee is eligible for leave conversion to bonus vacation.
  • Send email to employee and supervisor when there are outstanding leave reports.
  • Send out notices to employee and copy supervisor when employee is close to losing time. Notice is sent approximately 60 days prior to employee losing time. If any monthly leave reports (exempt employees) haven’t been approved by supervisor in a timely manner this notice could be incorrect.   

Process Steps

  1. Ensure employees understand how to request leave
    • If advance notice is required
    • If emergency, who do they contact and when
  2. Ensure employee completes leave report/time sheet appropriately and in timely manner
  3. Approve leave report/time sheet in a timely manner


If my employee has vacation time at their anniversary date that they are at risk to lose can I authorize HR to add time back?
No, it is the supervisor and employee’s responsibility to ensure that time is used within the year. As a courtesy, HR reminds you within 60 days of the anniversary date but the supervisor needs to monitor their employee's balance throughout the year.
Can my supervisor deny my request for vacation time? It¿s my time to take when I want, right?
No, vacation requests do need to be approved by the supervisor.  While the employee has accrued the time the request must be at a time the department can still function while the employee is away.
How do you request bonus vacation?
Complete the Bonus Vacation form on the HR website.