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Approve Parental Leave


Role of Supervisor

  • Review Parental Leave Policy
  • Refer employee to the HR Solution Center to discuss coordination of FMLA and potentially Short-term Disability
  • Review with employee expectations for leave requests – how to request, documentation required, etc.
  • Review web time entry & monthly leave Payroll policy above – particularly the section on approving time/leave
  • Ensure you are approving all monthly leave reports in a timely manner – this is extremely important and could have a detrimental effect on the employee if not approved timely

Role of Human Resources

  • Answer questions regarding parental leave policy and leave submission
  • Work with employee to determine coordination of FMLA and Short-term Disability (if applicable) 

Process Steps

  1. Refer employees to the policy
  2. Refer employee to HR Solution Center to discuss situation and coordination of FMLA and potentially short term disability
  3. Ensure employee completes leave report/time sheet appropriately and timely
  4. Approve leave report/time sheet in appropriate time frame


If an employee and spouse both work at UR do they each receive 8 weeks of Parental Leave?
If both spouses work at UR then the two receive a combined 8 weeks of parental leave.
If an employee is expecting twins can they have more than 8 weeks of parental leave?
No, 8 weeks is the maximum.
Does the employee's department get charged for the time an employee is out on Parental Leave?
Yes, currently this is handled just like sick and vacation. The salary will come out of the department’s budget.
Can an employee take 4 weeks of parental leave after the baby is born and save 4 for later in the year?
No, the 8 weeks of parental leave must be used consecutively.