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Approve Holiday and Personal Leave


Role of Supervisor

  • Review holidays & personal leave policy
  • Review HR policy regarding working on holidays
  • Review any departmental policies & practices regarding holiday & personal leave (if applicable)
  • Ensure employee understands all policies and knows how to enter time
  • Give advance notice to employee if they are expected to work a holiday
  • To ensure employees have personal leave balance prior to approving leave the supervisor would have to go to the individual’s leave report or timesheet for WTE.
  • Ensure you are approving all leave in a timely manner
    • Bi-weekly - each pay cycle
    • Monthly - 5 days after prior month end
  • Refer to holidays & personal leave policy to ensure employee is entering holiday time correctly 

Role of Human Resources

  • Set holiday schedule for the year & determine number of personal day(s)
  • Answer questions regarding personal leave balances  & policies

Process Steps

  1. Give employee advance notice if you will need them to work a holiday (supervisor must make this call, not the employee)
    • Discuss with non-exempt employee best way to receive holiday pay – double pay or take at another time within pay-period. We do not track holiday for exempt staff and they are not eligible for double pay.
  2. Ensure employee completes leave report/time sheet appropriately and in timely manner.
  3. Approve leave report/time sheet in a timely manner.


I'm an exempt employee. When do I accrue my personal day?

You may take your personal day anytime during the calendar year, but it will not appear on your leave balance until February 1.

Will I get paid for my personal day when I separate from the University?
No, you are not paid out for personal days.
If I work on the 4th of July, do I get regular pay or holiday pay?
Non-exempt employees have the option to be paid regular time and holiday time (double time) for the day or they may take regular time for the 4th and take the holiday another day within the same pay period. Exempt employees do not need to indicate holiday time on their leave report. They are automatically notated for them.