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Approve Bereavement Time


Role of Supervisor

  • Review bereavement leave policy
  • Review web time entry & monthly leave Payroll policy above  particularly the section on approving time/leave
  • Review departmental bereavement leave policies
  • Review with employee expectations for leave requests  how to request, documentation required, etc.
  • Ensure you are approving all monthly leave reports in a timely manner  this is extremely important and could have a detrimental effect on the employee if not approved timely

Role of Human Resources

  • Answer questions regarding bereavement leave

Process Steps

  1. Ensure employee understands how to request leave
  2. Ensure employee completes leave report/time sheet appropriately and in timely manner
  3. Approve leave report/time sheet in a timely manner


May an employee take 3 days of bereavement leave for a close friend?

No, an employee may take necessary time off on the day of the funeral for a close friend. If more time is needed, the employee may request vacation time.

May my temporary employee take bereavement leave?
No, temporary employees do not receive paid leave time.
How should employees report bereavement leave in BannerWeb?
Employees should key Bereavement Leave (no more than 3 days) in their timesheet or leave report. Since bereavement leave is not an accrued leave type, time taken for this purpose will show in leave balances as a negative in the miscellaneous category.
What type of documentation can I request to verify the use of bereavement leave?
Obituaries, funeral programs, or death certificates.
Can an employee take more than 3 days of bereavement leave in a calendar year?
Yes, an employee may take up to 3 days of leave per death.