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Hire a Staff Employee

Applicable Law

Equal Employment Opportunity


Role of Supervisor

  • Talk to your supervisor and department head about the position and funding.
  • Write a Position Description if one doesn’t already exist. Review and revise current position description.
  • Complete the Staff Recruitment Form and UR Talent Web Requisition Request.
  • Create interview agendas.
  • Review and interview candidates.
  • Make final selection and complete the Justification to Hire form.

Role of Human Resources

  • Provide position number if one doesn’t already exist
  • Review and grade the position (if applicable)
  • Open the job requisition and advertise the position
  • Assist with candidate review and interviewing
  • Make the employment offer
  • Send and process paperwork and forms to hire the employee and add to Banner

Process Steps

  1. Discuss the position with your supervisor, department budget representative, and department head to obtain funding information and position details.
  2. If applicable, revise position description.
  3. Complete the Staff Recruitment Form and send to
  4. HR will contact the hiring supervisor within one business day with directions and next steps.
  5. Log into UR Talent Web to complete a position requisition request. A Talent Acquisition Specialist will contact the hiring supervisor if there are any questions.
  6. The supervisor will receive a message from UR Talent Web as soon as the position is posted.
  7. Review candidates within UR Talent Web. Discuss interview strategy with Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  8. Interview applicants and make the hiring decision. Share the decision with the Talent Acquisition Specialist and complete the Justification to Hire Form.
  9. The Talent Acquisition Specialist will make the employment offer, send all new employee paperwork, and run a background check.