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Interview, Selection, and Offers

Applicable Law

Equal Employment Opportunity


Role of Supervisor

  • Be aware of and comply with the non-discrimination policy and the candidate travel guidelines
  • Develop interview questions that assess the skills and experiences of candidate and that do not violate any non-discrimination policies (know what questions are appropriate/not appropriate to ask during an interview)
  • Provide the Talent Acquisition Specialist with interviewer schedules, dates, times, and locations
  • Interview candidates
  • Using the Justification to Hire Form, document the rationale for selecting the top candidate
  • Submit the JTH form to the Talent Acquisition Specialist working on the search
  • Understand University of Richmond’s compensation strategy and structure
  • Know the amount of money budgeted for the position and the salary range
  • Work with Talent Acquisition Specialist to discuss details of offer to include salary recommendation
  • Include the TAS in the interview process

Role of Human Resources

  • Provide training and information to supervisors about the University non-discrimination policy and Equal Opportunity Employment
  • Provide hiring supervisors with examples of appropriate (and inappropriate) interview questions
  • Partner with the hiring supervisor to develop interview questions that will properly assess the skills and experiences of candidates
  • Coordinate interview schedules with the candidates
  • Interview all candidates
  • File the JTH form
  • Recommend starting salary
  • Work with Hiring Manager and department to finalize details of the offer
  • Interview candidates to discuss benefits and compensation
  • Make the employment offer to the candidate and finalize details
  • Send the employment offer letter to the candidate
  • Conduct background check

Process Steps

  1. Hiring Supervisor works with Talent Acquisition Specialist (TAS) to determine the skills and experiences needed for the position. Before hiring begins, the hiring supervisor works with the TAS to also determine the salary grade and range. The hiring supervisor works with department to secure budget for the position and gets approval from the Division. All funding must be approved before recruiting begins.
  2. Hiring supervisor works with the TAS to develop sets of appropriate interview questions.
  3. Hiring supervisor determines which candidates will be interviewed for the position.
  4. If the hiring supervisor chooses to do phone interviews, he/she will coordinate the dates and times with the TAS. TAS will coordinate with the candidate. The Hiring supervisor will call the candidates and conduct the interviews.
  5. Once phone interviews are complete, the Hiring supervisor will determine which top candidates will be brought on campus for interviews and will notify the TAS.
  6. The TAS will work with the candidate to make travel arrangements through Covington Travel, provide information to the candidate about the interview schedule, and will schedule time to meet with the candidate on interview day.
  7. The hiring supervisor will provide the schedule and location to interviewers along with interview questions.
  8. The hiring supervisor will gather feedback from the interviewers once the interviews are complete.
  9. The hiring supervisor will conduct reference checks, inform the TAS when a final candidate is selected, and will complete the Justification to Hire form-send to TAS.
  10. The TAS will discuss the details of the offer with the hiring supervisor and will contact the candidate to make the offer of employment. The TAS will conduct all negotiations directly with the candidate (and input from the hiring supervisor).
  11. Once the offer is accepted, the TAS will run a background check on the candidate. All candidates must have a completed background check before work can begin-this typically takes 3-14 business days.
  12. When the background check clears, the TAS will set the start date, inform the hiring supervisor, complete the PAF, schedule the new employee for Orientation, and submit the PAF for Banner processing.