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Request a Floater

Role of Supervisor

  • When possible, plan in advance for administrative floater needs
  • Be familiar with the floater program and request process
  • Provide resources and training/information so that the floater can be successful in the role
  • Approve the floater’s time

Role of Human Resources

  • Process the floater request

Process Steps

1. Determine the administrative need, skills required, and time needed for the floater placement

2. Go to the HR website to download the Floater Request Form

3. Complete the form and be sure to include all information requested, including account code/index, job description, time perioneeded, and any specific skills or competencies required for the job

4. Send the completed and signed form to

5. HR will review the request, contact the supervisor for any additional information, and identify a floater for the job

6. HR will contact the requestor when the request is filled to let him/her know who has been placed

7. Once floater starts, the supervisor will provide any needed training or information specific to the role

8. The supervisor will approve the floater’s time

9. The supervisor will complete a floater survey once the assignment is complete