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Hire a Faculty Employee

Applicable Law

Equal Employment Opportunity


Process Steps

  1. The Dean’s office completes the Faculty Recruitment Form (FRF) and forwards a copy of the job ad to the Provost’s Office.
  2. The Provost’s Office reviews the form and job ad and works with the Dean’s Office to make any required revisions.
  3. Once the job ad is finalized, the Provost’s Office forwards the FRF and the final version of the job ad to
  4. HR completes the requisition template and attaches the FRF and the job ad in UR Talent Web.
  5. The hiring department initiates the job requisition in UR Talent Web and HR submits the requisition for approval. A Talent Acquisition Specialist will contact the hiring supervisor if there are any questions.
  6. The Provost’s Office and Office of Planning and Budget work with the Dean’s Office hiring manager if there are any questions prior to their final approval of the requisition.
  7. After all approvals are obtained, HR opens the requisition and posts the job as instructed.
  8. The search committee interviews candidates and make the hiring decision. The hiring managers shares the decision with the Talent Acquisition Specialist and completes the Justification to Hire Form.
  9. The Talent Acquisition Specialist will send all new employee paperwork and run a background check.
  10. Once the background check is cleared, the Talent Acquisition Specialist will process the paperwork, schedule the new employee for orientation, and add the new employee to Banner.