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Document a Workplace Injury


Role of Supervisor

  • Become familiar with the Risk Management website
  • Provide Employees with information about workplace injuries
  • Report all work related injuries or accidents to the Office of Risk Management 
  • Provide requested information to the Office of Risk Management promptly
  • Be prepared to identify light duty work to help employee transition

Role of Risk Management

  • Act as liaison between supervisor, employee and insurance company
  • Communicate status with employee and supervisor
  • File claims with insurance company
  • Provide status reports to Human Resources

Role of Human Resources

  • Train supervisors in application of this policy
  • Assist in identifying light duty work if necessary

Process Steps

  1. Assess the seriousness of the injury
  2. If the injury does not require medical attention, proceed to step 6 and complete the Supervisor's First Report of Injury
  3. If the injury is severe or life-threatening and requires immediate care or an ambulance, contact UR Police Department or take or send 
    the employee to the nearest emergency room
  4. If the injury is not life threatening, send the employee to one of the approved panel of physicians
  5. In both cases, advise the employee not to use their personal health insurance to pay for services
  6. Complete the Supervisor’s First Report of Injury within 24 hours of the incident
  7. Complete the Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report with a brief employee statement  about the incident within 48 hours of the 
  8. Stay in contact with Risk Management regarding employee's progress
  9. Make sure employee is reporting time accurately
  10. Require proper return to work authorization from employee
  11. If necessary, identify light duty work for returning employee
  12. Return employee to full duty as soon as possible