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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Applicable Law

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)


Role of Supervisor

  • Become familiar with the Americans with Disabilities website and policy.
  • Provide employees with information about ADA policy and accommodation request form when approached by employee requesting accommodation.
  • Report any request or accommodation to Human Resources.
  • Be involved in discussion with HR when necessary to assist with recommendations for accommodations.

Role of Human Resources

  • Provide training, information and policy consultation of ADA policy.
  • Work with employee and supervisor, when necessary, to discuss accommodation request.
  • Provide approval or denial letter to employee.

Role of Employee

  • Submit completed accommodation request along with supporting medical documentation from doctor to Human Resources.

Process Steps

  1. Employee discusses accommodation with Human Resources or supervisor.
  2. Employee completes ADA request form and submits it to Human Resources.
  3. Human Resources will review the request and meet with the employee to discuss and identify the precise limitations resulting from the disability and the potential accommodation(s).
  4. Human Resources provides the employee with a letter indicating approval or denial of a request.
  5. If approved, Human Resources will coordinate the implementation of the accommodation with necessary parties.