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Monthly Leave Reporting

Leave reporting is the method by which exempt employees report sick, vacation, and other time away from work online through BannerWeb. Do not submit your leave until after the pay period has ended. You will have five days past the end of the pay period in which to submit your leave. Refer to the monthly leave reporting instructions for help using BannerWeb.

It is imperative that you submit your leave reports in a timely fashion. You must submit a leave report whether or not you have taken any leave. Failure to do so for three consecutive months could result in the accrual of leave being suspended until you have submitted your delinquent report. If your approver fails to approve your leave report, you will not be penalized. 

Correcting an Approved Leave Report

If a correction is required after a leave report has been approved, send the correction request to While the leave report cannot be corrected on BannerWeb, Human Resources can make a manual entry on Banner to correct your leave totals.

Funeral or Jury Duty Leave

If you take Funeral or Jury Duty leave, you will see a negative balance for these leave types on the Time Off Current Balances and History display. This is normal as there is not a "bucket" of available balances to draw from for these leave types.

Time Off Balances and History

To view current leave balances, click on the "Employee" link and then "Time Off Current Balances and History." Click on the type of leave to drill into how many days you recorded as leave by pay period.

To view the exact dates you took leave, from the main menu click on "Employee," and then "Leave Report." Select the period you wish to view detail for from the "Leave Report Period and Status" drop-down box. You will no longer be able to view a day-by-day breakout on the Time Off Current Balances and History link. 


Pay-related, approver, or "leave report is not available" errors:

Payroll: (804) 289-8170 or

Leave balance questions: Human Resource Services

BannerWeb Access questions: Help Desk

Hours or days?

Leave is submitted and viewed in days, not hours.

However, part-time, monthly-paid employees must report exception time in hours. To indicate a half-day of, report 50% of the normal total hours worked in a day. For a full day off, report 100% of the normal total hours worked in a day. Leave balances will also be displayed in hours.