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Approving Leave Reports

Supervisors or their designated proxies will approve leave reports in BannerWeb.

Employees should submit Leave Reports to supervisors by the fifth of the following month, but not until after the pay period has ended. Supervisors should make all approvals by the seventh. Payroll will send e-mail reminders to those employees who have not yet submitted Leave Reports; approvers will receive these reminders as well. 
Missing deadlines results in outdated leave balance totals. It will also result in recurring reminder e-mails until the approval is made. It is the approver's responsibility to ensure that his/her employees are submitting leave reports in a timely manner. Employees who are three months delinquent in submitting leave reports will have accrual of leave time suspended until leave reports are submitted.

Leave is submitted and viewed in days, not hours. However, monthly-paid employees who work less than 7.75 hours per day will report their exception time in hours. If employees take half a day off, they will report 50% of the normal total hours worked in a day. If employees take a full day off, they will report 100% of the normal total hours worked in a day. Leave balances will also be displayed in hours.

If an employee takes Funeral or Jury Duty leave, you will see a negative balance for these types on the Leave Balances view. This is normal, as there is not a "bucket" of available balance to draw from for these leave types.

BannerWeb Instructions

  1. Log in to BannerWeb
  2. Select Employee from the main menu.
  3. Select Leave Report from the employee menu.
  4. Select Approve or Acknowledge Time from the selection criterion.
  5. Select the appropriate leave reporting period, which will always be the prior month (unless you are approving delinquent leave reports) and click on the Select button.
  6. A summary page will be displayed. You will see a listing of all your employees and their status. If you are an approver in a department with multiple approvers, you may see a status of "Not Started" for employees for the entire department. Once an employee in that status accesses the Leave Report, only the appropriate approver will be able to view it.
  7. Click on the employee name to view the employee's Leave Report. Review it carefully; don't just look at total days
    -Did the employee report hours on the correct leave type? 
    -Is the leave report that you are about to approve for the correct reporting period? 
    -Did the employee report in days and not hours? (Exception: Employees who work less than 7.75 hours in a day).
  8. This is important because an error not caught by the approver and subsequently approved will be immediately posted and incorrectly adjust leave balances. Once a Leave Report is approved, it cannot be updated, so it will always reflect incorrect information. Human Resource Services (Benefits) can make corrections directly to Banner, but cannot correct the BannerWeb record once it is approved.
  9. On the employee leave report, you can: 
    1. View leave balances 
    2. Make corrections by using the Change Record button 
    3. Return to employee for correction 
    4. Add a Comment (especially if you are returning to employee) 
    5. Approve
  10. When you are satisfied that the Leave Report is accurate, click Approve.
  11. You will receive a message that the time transaction was successfully approved.  On this screen you can click on the Next button to proceed to the next employee awaiting approval.
  12. Employees are instructed to submit hours to approvers by the fifth of the following month. Approvers are asked to make approvals by the seventh.

Detailed Instructions

Log into BannerWeb using your eight-digit UR ID number and PIN. If you do not know your PIN, click the Forgot PIN button and you will be prompted with a security question you set up when you first accessed BannerWeb. If you cannot remember the answer to your security questions, or have never logged in to BannerWeb before, please contact the Help Desk (x6400).

Click Employee on the main menu, and then click Leave Report. Click the radio button for Approve or Acknowledge Time and then click Select.

At the Approver Selection screen, you will be given the option of selecting from any method of time reporting for which you are an approver. You will see the option for selecting Leave Report. If you approve for more than one department, both departments will display and you will indicate your selection using the radio button. If you are also an approver of biweekly web time sheets for staff or student employees, those options will display here under Time Sheet.

After you have selected the department, choose the appropriate leave report period from the Leave Period drop down box.  This will be the previous month unless you are approving delinquent leave reports.  Selecting the correct period is important.  If any of your employees have accessed leave reports for the current month, the current month will be the default period.  In this case, you must click on the drop down box to select the reporting period and click on Leave Report.

A summary page will be displayed. You will see a listing of all your employees and their status.

Status Codes:

  • Not Started: The employee has not opened his/her Leave Report for the period you are attempting to view.  You wil not be able to open his/her Leave Report until the employee accesses it him/herself.
  • In Progress: The employee has opened his/her Leave Report and may have begun to report leave, but has not yet submitted the report for your approval.
  • Pending: The employee has submitted his/her Leave Report and it is waiting for your approval.
  • Completed: Leave processing has been run and no further action can be taken on this Leave Report.  You may select reports in this status to view previously reported leave, but you cannot make further changes.

If you are an approver in a department with multiple approvers, you will see all the employees in that department who are in a Not Started status.  Once the employee accesses his/her Leave Report, only the appropriate approver will be able to view it.

From this page you can check leave balances for any employee who is no longer in a Not Started status.

The Change Leave Record option gives you the ability to make corrections to an employee's leave record.  The preference is that you open the employee leave record and choose the button to Return for Correction.  In that way, the employee makes the correction and certifies the accuracy of the leave report.  If for some reason the employee is not available to make the correction, you can use the Change Leave Record functionality to make the correction.

The Leave Balance option will display the current leave balances for the employee.  If the employee works 7.75 hours per day, the balance is in days; if the employee works less than 7.75 hours per day, the balance is in hours.  A note of caution:  the leave balances may not be accurate if the employee has not submitted leave reports for previous periods.

If you are an approver for multiple departments, you can switch departments by clicking the Select New Department button.

Never use the Select All,  Approve or FYI button at the top.  You should not approve timesheets without reviewing them carefully first.

The Reset button allows you to delete any unsaved changes that you  made.  It will not reset an employee's status once you have approved the leave report.

You should not use the Save button on this screen, as you will be reviewing each individual leave record by clicking on the employees' names.

To view an individual's leave record, click on the employee's highlighted name.

The employee's Leave Record will display the detailed information regarding leave days taken. Leave is reported in half day increments. Exempt employees are not expected to report time hourly UNLESS they work less than 7.75 hours per day. **  Employees should not report absences of less than half a day. If an employee takes more than half but less than the whole day off, they should report half a day (.5) only. When reporting a whole day off, the employee reports 1 for the day.  As the manager, you should approve all leave requests.  It is in your power to ensure that an employee does not abuse the flexibility built into the reporting method for exempt employees.

Once you have reviewed the Leave Report for accuracy and are ready to approve, click on the Approve button. You will receive a message that the approval was successful. If you have other employees in Pending status, you can click the Next button and you will be taken to the next Leave Report needing approval.

Employees should submit time to you by the 5th of the following month. You should make all approvals by the 7th. The Payroll Office will send email reminders to those employees who have not yet submitted Leave Reports. The approvers will receive these reminders as well.


Pay-related, approver, or "leave report is not available" errors:

Contact Payroll at (804) 289-8170 or

Leave balance questions: Human Resource Services

BannerWeb access questions: Help Desk

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